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Addiction Recovery in Huron, OH

Addiction can take many forms. There are good addictions like exercising, eating right, and other healthy choices. There are also many negative addictions like drug addiction. Opiates are among the most abused substances in the United States. Many people have succumbed to addiction to painkillers and other drugs that contain opioids.

Our Method of Addiction Recovery

There are many methods and ways to try and overcome addiction. Many people have tried to quit cold turkey with some success, but eventually succumb once again to their addictions. Others have tried home remedies that had some success as well, but that success was met with another relapse.

At Huron Recovery Specialists, we offer solutions to make your addiction recovery last. Our treatments have helped us become a trusted drug rehab clinic in addiction recovery.

We are a Suboxone clinic. Suboxone is a leading medication to help patients detoxify from opiates. This treatment is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenophine takes the place of the opiate while naloxone is a medication that is meant to reverse the effects of the opiate dependency.

The great thing about using Suboxone as your treatment for addiction recovery is that a film or tablet is placed under your tongue and not injected like other forms of treatment.

We also treat alcohol use disorder using The Sinclair Method (TSM). TSM is a safe and effective treatment using oral Naltrexone. Call us today for details on this effective treatment.

Choose Huron Recovery Specialists

We are dedicated to helping our patients overcome addiction. This is not just another drug rehab clinic. We are concerned about your well being and will do all that we can on your road to recovery. Addiction to opiates doesn’t have to rule you or your loved one’s life anymore.

Clinic visits are by appointment only. Call us at 567.245.4576  and begin your journey to overcoming addiction with your confidential screening.

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