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At Huron Recovery Specialists we are committed to providing high quality and affordable medication-assisted therapy to our patients.  Our mission is to ensure that patients feel they are being addressed with empathy, respect, and support.  We specialize in the confidential treatment of patients in both the physical and psychological aspects of addition.  Our experienced staff will develop an individualized treatment plan for the patient based on their addiction history and specific needs.

How Do I Treat my Opioid Dependence?

Our program offers flexible scheduling opportunities.  Upon admission patients undergo an extensive assessment, conducted by a specially trained physician, addressing both the psychological and physical aspects of his/her addiction.  This includes a history, physical, urinalysis, blood analysis and a pregnancy test.

After their first appointment, patients are required to schedule a follow up visit to ensure the dosage of medication is appropriate, for patient’s safety, and if necessary dosages may be adjusted to alleviate any discomfort that patients may experience.

Patients will see their doctor a minimum of three times during the first weeks of treatment.  Patients will then be required to schedule follow up appointments every 28 days to ensure progression within the program.  Counseling and/or 12 step programs are required by Ohio law.  Participation is required as part of your treatment plan.  Research and our experience shows that patients utilizing medication assisted treatment accompanied with addiction counseling have a much greater success rate.  With psychological support, patients can learn to use coping mechanism to minimize the risk of relapse due to triggers that are associated with past dependencies.

To aid in your success we will refer you to a qualified counselor who will work with you to provide an individualized assessment and therapy program.  Services offered include: education, individual, group, couples, family and codependency counseling sessions.  Intensive outpatient programs are also available if needed.

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